5 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy On Wedding Parties

Posted by: webmaster | November 24, 2007

Wedding are special occasions that bring two individuals together as witnessed by their family, friends, and colleagues. Weddings are also time to let go of our diet for a few hours and indulge in good food.

We love good food, and we can let the chance to have a mini party in our stomach with all those tender steaks, savory barbecue, creamy pasta, sweet cakes, fresh seafood, and so much more. Our mind is filled with thoughts of food that we pass on the thoughts on the possible effect of our food consumption on our health.

Still, you do not have to say no to good food. You can enjoy all the food on the menu without putting your health at risk particularly your oral health. Since food enters the mouth first, what we eat affects our oral health significantly.

Here are some tips you can do to have fun eating without having to worry about the likelihood of diseases like oral-related problems.

Tip #1: Eat well, but make sure to avoid sugary and starchy food

There are a lot of foods on weddings. Usually, the menu is divided into meats, seafood, vegetables rice or pasta, and desserts. You can eat a moderate amount of meats but we wary of eating hard meats that can damage the teeth or cause a fracture. Soft foods are also recommended especially for braces-wearing individuals.

Limit your desserts or better yet, avoid eating cakes, chocolates, and the like. There are instances where fruits are part of the dessert ensemble. Eat those instead to at least satisfy your sweet cravings.

Remember to eat everything in moderation. Too much food consumption can stress your chewing muscles and overwork your stomach leading to vomiting.

Tip #2: Take a break occasionally.

Of course, with the amount of food served, you canít help but continuously grab that piece of meat or vegetable or take a bite of that pasta. However, eating without a break can tire your jaw, putting too much stress on it and ultimately, leading to jaw problems.

Also, taking a break from all the eating can also give your stomach a break. By doing so, the likelihood of overeating can decrease. Eating food in small bites will also help in minimizing the stress of eating and the amount of food you eat.

Tip #3: Drink water.

Drinking water does not just keep you hydrated, but it also helps wash away food that may have to linger between your teeth. Keeping you hydrated is also necessary for maintaining the moisture of your mouth, preventing dry mouth which can cause various dental problems.

Tip #4: Do not overeat!

Overeating can create chaos in your stomach which can result in vomiting. When we vomit, gastric acids are released via our mouth. These acids can wear the enamel and cause it to deteriorate. When the enamel wears, the dentin can get exposed and lead to tooth sensitivity, as well as, other dental problems.

Tip #5: Visit your dentist.

Whether there is a wedding or not, visiting your dentist is a must. Aside from helping you achieve your most beautiful smiles, a dental check-up can also help detect dental problems and provide proper treatment before they become worse when left untreated.

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